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Corporate Childcare for employers who care

Support employees with kids and relieve the strain on HR team with a fully automated childcare solution
The only benefit employees with kids want
Corporate childcare with zero effort implementation for any company size, a simple dashboard to view your ROI and access more on-demand services
Out of the box solution
Boost your employer branding
Employee family support done right
80% of parents say this is the only employment benefit which actually makes the difference
The HR team is now free from million of child-related questions: How to find Kita? How to apply for social benefits? Our solution will solve all of them for you.
Corporate Childcare that HR team loves
Start providing high-quality, hassle-free and safe childcare solutions to your employees. Safe your time, all done by us!
Productivity for employees, profit for business
less absenteeism
for employees with kids
estimated ROI in corporate
childcare benefits.
less job turnover
for working parents
100% security and unbeatable service satisfaction rates for families
Gold standard quality check, insurance and zero friction services for your employees
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