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Become a babysitter in Berlin

Join nona care - work with pleasure and when you want to!

What is is a fully automated corporate childcare system. We centralise our focus on child safety, and provide freedom to working parents, enabling them to hand pick their caregivers, and create a schedule that suits both family and sitter. Our service is used by companies worldwide to provide corporate childcare as part of their employment benefit package, supporting organizations and their families daily.
Our ethos is to provide exceptionally high-quality care for the families that use our service, and as such, provide our babysitters with high job satisfaction and a career that they love and enjoy.

Working with in Berlin

Our babysitting jobs in Berlin can vary greatly when it comes to the duration of working hours, and suit those that are looking for flexible schedules. When you join, you will set up a profile that will detail your availability for work, and information about your experience and personality.
Parents then create requests for chosen sitters, which sitters automatically accept as the schedule shows that they are available. This means, your work schedule is controlled entirely by you!
For each child that receives care through our babysitters in Berlin, we create a personal development program based on their age, needs and interests. This not only gives children a fun and enjoyable experience with nona, but it also provides babysitters with support and guidelines to follow during your babysitting jobs!
Whilst working with nona, you will spend time with children inside the family homes, picking them up from school, putting them to bed, and supporting them as they experience and learn about the world around them. Our babysitter jobs in Berlin include a lot of variety, and each day will bring new experiences and activities to enjoy with the families you choose to work with. Our babysitter jobs in Berlin are also now online! You can work from home and still keep interact with your little clients using online games, activities and learning via Zoom, allowing you to keep doing what you love and building relationships with our families. works with companies worldwide, and therefore we only provide babysitters to trusted families, making our service a very safe and secure place to work. You receive payment using a 100% secure system, making our whole process trustworthy and assured.
We are creating a better experience for the babysitters
Your job can be both rewarding and challenging.
So build it the way it's comfortable for you.

Requirements as a babysitter

To apply for our babysitter jobs in Berlin, there are no set qualifications you must have, but there are certain requirements that need to be met.
    • You must be 18 years of age or older.
    • Legally authorised to live and work in EU
    • You must have 1+ years professional experience in childminding.
    • Be experienced in working with children of different ages
    • German or English speaking native OR C1
    • Provide Criminal Record Certificate on demand
    We want our babysitters to have a passion for childcare, and who share our love and respect for children as individuals. If this sounds like you, get started on your application today!

    How can I become a babysitter for in Berlin?

    If you are looking for a babysitter job in Berlin and want to work with a company that will support your passion for caregiving, learning and developing your experience then nona is the perfect place to look.
    To join our fabulous team, simply follow these 3 steps:
    1. Fill in the application form to begin your babysitter profile
    2. Let us get to know you during our in-person interview.
    3. Fill out your personal schedule and let our families know when you are available to work!

    How much pays in Berlin

    Our babysitter jobs in Berlin pay a fixed rate per 1 hour of childminding; however, payment will be discussed further at interview stage.
    If you join the team, you will be paid twice monthly directly into your bank account – hassle free and 100% secure!
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