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of progressive and trustworthy babysitters
Active, Available and Reliable
Currently in Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid
The first Intelligent platform which matches the families and their ideal babysitters.

Here's how it works
We receive a request from the family
The platform offers best 3 available babysitters
The family chooses their ideal babysitter
Chosen babysitter gets in touch
with the family
Chosen babysitter performs the request & gets payed
Welcome to Nona.Care!
No commission payment
No competition system
No dead-end messaging / useless messaging
Only free requests for your services directly
Manage your schedule and requests on our special APP
Work with progressive families
Get payed safely
Why Nona.Care?
How to become a Nonasitter?
We are Active, Available & Reliable.
This is what sets our babysitters apart from other websites with an ocean of inactive and never responding babysitters.
And we are advanced. We use our special APP to work on our schedule and requests quickly and comfortably.
We respond to family requests within 30 minutes
We keep our availability schedule up-to-date and valid
We follow babysitter's ethics and remain professional in any situation
Would you like to join us?
We balance demand and supply to make sure your working schedule is filled with orders. At the same time we make our babysitters selection process thorough and complete.
So only 10% of candidates eventually become Nonasitters
Complete your application form
Pass our in-person interview
Pass our background check: references and criminal record certificate
Complete your on-boarding training process
Create and keep updated availability schedule
Get new requests from the families

Stay committed
Please note that to become a Nonasitter you have to pass ALL selection stages
Are you with us?
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