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Your employees
Can't work productively when their children are sick
Miss personal time with their partner and friends
Sacrifice their career and self-realization to be with children because of insufficient state-sponsored childcare
Work-related travel leads to different and more complex childcare arrangements
Have to find a quick replacement if their childcare provider gets sick
Just need some time for themselves
Make the lives of your employees more fulfilling and balanced by providing them with a childcare benefit at work.
Why childcare employee benefits are important?
Benefits not only are a great support to your employees, but they can actually improve your business! Offering such benefits can increase loyalty, focus and productivity, improve attendance, and help the recruitment process.
of employees lost sleep due to worrying about adequate childcare
of employees missed work opportunities due to family commitments
of employees agreed that benefits impact their focus and productivity at work
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How it works
Provide details of childcare you need
Receive three babysitter profiles best matching your needs
Choose one, check availability and schedule the time you need
Pay directly through the platform at fixed or membership rates
Partner benefits
Caring for the employee/member families will make them feel special, thus creating a better working atmosphere for everyone
Access to a Larger Talent Pool
More Women in Management
Better Employee Performance
Lower Absenteeism
Longer Tenure, Less Turnover
Tax reduction
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Many employers offer back-up care, which comes in many shapes and sizes. Our service can be activated with as little as two hours' notice.

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