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How do I book a babysitter?
To book a babysitter you need to follow this quick and easy steps:
- Fill in your request form on the main page and get three Nonasitter profiles best matching your criteria
- Choose your best Nonasitter and go on to checking their availability and pre-booking.
- Get the availability confirmation to your email.
- Finalize your booking by making a payment.
Why do you offer only 3 babysitters to choose from? is an intelligent platform which matches your requirements with the best candidates, who are active and available. The more details you provide in your requirements, the more accurate candidates the platform will provide.
It saves your time and effort from going through endless lists of babysitters who don't respond, are often unavailable and require extra background check.
How to become a babysitter at
To become a babysitter at you need to pass our selection process which consists of several stages:
- Complete your application form
- Pass our in-person interview
- Pass our background check: references and criminal record certificate
- Complete your onboarding training process
- Create and keep updated availability schedule
- Stay committed Read more about the benefits of being a Nonasitter on our special our page for Nonasitters.
In which cities do you currently operate?
Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin.
Where will the babysitting take place?
At your chosen location. Could be your home, a hotel room or just in the park, if this is your preference.
How much does this service cost?
This service is absolutely free. You pay only for babysitters hours. Check our plans.
How much does 1 babysitters hour cost?
The price for 1 hour is fixed and doesn't depend on the day, time or the babysitter. Check our rates here.
What benefits do I get as a Member of Nona club?
There are 2 membership options:
Standard Nona Club:
- Hourly rate for babysitter
- Last minute requests
- Babysitters change in urgent situations
- Insurance for your kids and property

Premium Nona Club:
- 30 hours a month included
- Last minute requests
- Babysitters change in urgent situations
- Insurance for your kids and property
You can check our plans here.
Does Nona.Care charge a subscription fee to have access to choosing babysitters?
Our intelligent platform is absolutely free to use. You pay only for babysitter's hour of work. You can also become a Member of Nona club.
For more information please read our "What benefits do I get as a Member of Nona club?" article or check our plans.
How do I pay a babysitter?
Payments are made through our platform.
Is it possible to pay with cash?
No, it is not possible.
Do I have to compensate babysitter's travel expenses?
Yes, if you request time is after 10 p.m.
Where will the babysitting take place?
At your chosen location. Could be your home, a hotel room or just in the park, if this is your preference.
Who are Nonasitters and why should I trust them?
Our babysitters come from different countries with different education and background. To become Nonasitters they have passed multi staged thorough selection process:
  • All Nonasitters are legally authorized to live and work in the city of their residence
  • All Nonasitters have up-to-date criminal record certificates
  • All Nonasitters have their background and reference checked
  • All Nonasitters have passed onboarding and training process to meet babysitters ethics requirements
Only 5% of all applicants actually become Nonasitters.
How do I cancel a booking and what is your cancellation policy?
For last-minute cancellations, please inform us 24 hours before, but no later than two hours before the request time.
- There are no charges or penalties for a booking canceled 24 hours prior to the request time.
- Booking canceled later than 24 hours prior to the request time and 2 hours before the request time are charged at 50%.
- Booking canceled less than 2 hours before the request time are fully charged.
How can I add hours during my booking?
You can add extra babysitter hours during your booking by agreeing with your chosen babysitter their availability and capacity directly and early in advance. After that you need to inform us about your new arrangements by email
Your hourly rate will be applied.
How do I see when my request has been approved?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail. In case of an urgent request, please contact us directly at
Can I book the same sitter twice or more?
Yes, it is possible with the membership plan, which allows for a priority booking of your favourite sitter, or if you book in advance. Otherwise, it is possible, if the babysitter is available.
How can I change the time or date of my booking?
You can change the time and date of your booking 24 hours prior to the agreed time without any penalties by informing us about it by email to
How can I make a last-minute booking?
You can make a last-minute booking by filling in a request form at our website or by contacting us directly at Please note that we do not guarantee the completion of last minute bookings.
What is considered a last-minute booking?
Last-minute booking is a booking done within less than 24 hours prior to the time when you need a babysitter to start.
What happens if the babysitter I booked gets sick or cancels for any reason?
We find a substitute for you following your needs and requirements.
What happens when my return time is outside of public transportation hours?
All requests performed after 10 p.m. include payment for transportation expense for the babysitter to get home.
What happens if I am located outside of the city where Nona.Care operates?
We are working anywhere within 60-minute ride from the city. In this case, you pay a babysitter an additional fee in the amount of 1 extra hour worked.
What if my child falls sick before the agreed time?
If your child is sick at the time of the babysitting, we check with the babysitter if they are fine with it. Otherwise, generally in this case babysitting is not desirable. We are mindful of all the children that our babysitter comes in contact with and make sure they babysitter is healthy and does not expose other children to getting sick.
Can the babysitter accompany a child somewhere outside a place of the babysitting?
Yes, it is possible if agreed with a parent who makes a booking in advance.
What is the difference between a regular babysitter and a full-time nanny?
We don't provide full-time childcare. Unlike nanny, a babysitter doesn't do full day commitment. For example, they may cover up for you if you need to work in the mornings or have regular evening arrangements. They may walk your child to school, accompany them to activity on fixed days, do homework with them, or play while you are away.
What is occasional babysitting?
We call occasional babysitting requests when you need a babysitter on an irregular basis or less than 10 hours a month.
What is vacation care?
Babysitting during vacation is limited to the time while you are on vacation at a certain location. We offer babysitters at any time during this period, on a daily basis or just from time to time.
Is it possible to have a night time sitter?
It is possible if you need a sitter for a period up until 2 am. In this case, you cover the transportation expenses for the babysitter to get home. It is possible to book a babysitter for the whole night up until morning only if you are a Nona Club Member. insurance is the first company in the field of childcare which provides its clients with a worldwide insurance of their kids and property.
Can I get acquainted with the babysitter before I decide if they are right for my kids?
For Nona club members we have an option of "test hours": first 2 hours with the Nonasitter are test hours to see if the family is happy with them.

• if you are happy with the babysitter, you can buy membership and the "test hours" will be covered by it at this membership rate
• if you decide that you don't like the babysitter, these 2 hours will be charged at a full rate - 15 Euros / hour

In case if you require a babysitter just 1 time ("Pay as you go" option) we offer Skype video call for 15-30 minutes, free of charge.
Can I pay for 1.5 hours of babysitter's work?
For Nona club members 1.5 hours of babysitter's work is charged correspondingly. For 1 time requests ("Pay as you go" option) 1.5 hours are charged as 2 hours.
What happens if my child gets sick, do I loose my hours with the babysitter?
For the Premium Nona club members in case if the child falls ill we deduct the lost hours from the next months payment. For 1 time requests ("Pay as you go" option) the cancellation policy applies.
Your question is not on the list?
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