New trends in modern childcare
Webinar for the childminders who want to keep up with the modern world and use new opportunities.
Welcome to our Webinar
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On this webinar we will be sharing our experience and insights on new trends and demand in modern childcare. As you know this field has also been affected by global changes we are observing in the world right now.

The families have expressed the need for modernised childcare. And we have been listening to them attentively and adapting to new conditions to satisfy their new demand.


If you are a childcarer and you want to keep up with the times, join us to explore your new opportunities created by new reality.

We will be talking about
Where old childcare went
Let's talk about what happened during past 4 months and what impact it had on childcare today.
What families are looking for now
New reality has changed the families' needs. Now the parents have to both satisfy them and to keep work-life balance.
New requirements to childminders
As a result of global changes families' expectations of childcare have changed too. Now they are expecting different skills from the babysitter.
New trends in childcare - What's next?
We'll talking about current tendencies and the future of childcare field and listening to your opinion and expectations.
Write to us what you want to know about modern childcare. We will answer your question during our presentation :)
You are going to learn:
New types of services in childcare
All of them are your new opportunities.
New skills and competency required from a modern childminder
Together we will make a list of what we need to learn or develop to stay productive and in-demand in our field.
Learn about the experiences of other webinar participants
We will have a unique opportunity to hear your voices and give you a chance to share your experience and valuable insights with other participants.
Your presenter
June 30
16:00 – 17:30
June 30
16:00 – 17:30
Veronica Maslova
Supply manager at
Veronica is a certified tutor with more than 15 years of experience in childcare and education both online and offline.
She will tell you about's revelations and insights on the new tendencies in childcare and answer your questions.
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