Online childcare - our response to COVID-19 crisis. Help your employees at the home office!
Easy help for busy parents
The new next gen employment benefits
Nona.Care offers new approach
to childcare, which allows you to have more working flexibility and personal freedom without giving up on your career, needing to get a permanent nanny
or depending on state-sponsored childcare. We significantly reduce time spent on searching for a trusted babysitter and associated stress.
With Nona.Care parents:
Don't have to adjust their schedule to a babysitter availability.
Can be sure that they have a babysitter they and children will like.
Feel secure when they need a babysitter eventually.
Only 22% of western Europeans are in favor of mothers of schoolchildren working full-time. By and large this is due to insufficient childcare infrastructure
Partner benefits
Caring for the employee/member families will make them feel special, thus creating a better working atmosphere for everyone. As already proven by the largest companies, ensuring childcare needs of employees are met also leads to the following benefits
Access to a Larger Talent Pool
More Women
in Management
Lower Absenteeism
Better Employee Performance
Longer Tenure
Less Turnover
Tax reduction