Online childcare - our response to COVID-19 crisis. Help your employees at the home office!
Future of parents work
Companies with great culture already offer such benefits to their employees.
Are you one of them?
of parents report being absent from work due to childcare breakdowns.
54% of companies that offer childcare services or assistance report a positive impact on absenteeism, reducing days missed up to 30%
Why company needs childcare
estimated ROI on investments in corporate childcare benefits. You safe money on employee missed working days, reduced employee turnover and highly engaged staff.
reduction of employee absenteeism Employee corporate childcare benefits are less likely to leave the company.
of employees with children consider the compatibility of work and family to play at least as important a role as salary when choosing an employer.
job turnover decreases, company-supported child care options simply help parents work consistently.
Fully customizable
benefit packages for any company size
Zero employee effort
on trusted and verified babysitter booking
Routine automation, extra IOT enabled security, features and real time control
Meet Nona
Childcare employee benefit platform with AI core:
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Happy employees, successful company
Be you 10 employee startup or a huge enterprise your employees with kids deserve equal conditions to build great career and bring an impact. Our customizable offers is a great fit for company at any size so you can build your outstanding corporate culture and strong HR brand which cares about family and gender diversity.
You may have many reasons to implement childcare benefits. But all of them bring an amazing impact to your team performance and a company business. Gender diversity, work-life balance, employee turnover, people performance and engagement and of course abseenteism. All of these critical aspect will improve with Nona.Care, this is scientifically proven.
View return on your investments in a visual way. With our Team Leader Dashboard you get `an access on how much you saved and improved for the company. What's an ROI, how many working days saved, and essential business metrics improvement.
With zero effort...
This is out of the box solution which requires Zero effort for you as a company and for your employees as end users. Our AI based platform automates all routine and let your people focus on important things.
Nona Product
AI enabled matching with the best fitting babysitters
Instant booking and task assignment
Dashboard and order management
Schedule management caregiver app
Child Safety
The only tech company taking child safety so serious
Child health and property is covered with world-class insurance company AXA.

Only 1 out of 50 applied babysitters joins our platform. It's not only about verification and education, but also a mentality check.
Our basic selection stages every caregiver must go through:
Detailed application and CV competition
Identity and legal documents check
Police criminal check
References check
Personal interview with psycologist

Kindergarten is closed up to 20 working days per year, parents have to miss work or spend vacation days
Sometime parents need support with a sick kid so they can focus on work
Being single parent and building career is nearly to impossible without support
Work-life balance at any occasion
It's getting more and more difficult to work being a parent in a fast changing environment
Relocated employee often get upset because of the state childcare waiting time
In many scenarios corporate childcare is only way to keep employees happier, more efficient and focused.
Who are Nonasitters
Our Nonasitters are yoga teachers, sportsmen, architects, designers, scientists, travelers. They come from different cultures and backgrounds and speak many languages.
We take all babysitters through an on-boarding education process where we ensure that they understand and know how to apply core principles of the Montessori method and early childhood development.
Everyone wanting to be a Nonasitter must complete 5 stages selection process: CV competition, reference check, criminal check and presonal interview. But after that they have to gain the highest score to appear in your search results.
Choose your plan
Start package
Every Start Package includes:
79 eur / person
    • 5 hours of premium childcare
    • Health and property Insurance
    • Monthly analytics
    • Club member benefit
    • Up to 15% discount on extra hours
    • Last minute bookings
    • Favourite babysitter (priority arrangement)
    • Chat member support
    • Min. 10 employees, 6 month, 79 eur / person
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Growth package
Every Growth Package includes:
249 eur / person
    • 15 hours of premium childcare
    • Health and property Insurance
    • Monthly analytics
    • Premium Member benefits
    • Up to 30% discount on extra hours
    • Last minute bookings
    • Favorite babysitter (priority arrangement)
    • Priority support
    • Chat member support
    • Regular onsite Q&As with employees
    • Min. 30 employees, 6 month, 249 eur / person
    • Dedicated support manager
    • Corporate event childcare (per request)
    • Business travel childcare (per request)
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