Our mission is to support family lifestyle freedom and flexibility

Nona.Care is the first intelligent platform that matches you with the babysitters best fit for you.
Created by parents and inspired by mindful parenting.
It's more than a company - it's a community of people who care and want to make a change in the field of childcare. We strive for high quality and prompt babysitting services.
Our core values help us to succeed in reaching this goal.
We understand that childcare can be tricky and challenging. Only genuine love for a child and childcare helps us perform
it in the best way possible.
This is what drives us.
All children are independent individuals with their own emotions and desires. We build our communication
and interaction with them around this core principle
of education and upbringing.
Small children are naturally mindful and see the world around them in a much clearer way than grownups. We learn that from them every day to become mindful parents and caregivers. Staying in the present and analysing it helps us provide the families with the support they need.
We draw our passion
from Montesorri childcare method
We practice observation and guidance rather than teaching and pure control. We help and support children in their efforts which helps to develop their confidence and inner discipline
We understand the safety concerns which parents go through looking for THE right person to look after their kids
Being parents ourselves we spent hours looking for babysitters for our kids on special sites.
And many more hours on checking their background and reliability.
We know how important it is. So we do it for you!
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